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Training ISS premaster Academic Skills: Summary and feedback


The purpose of this LibGuide was to support you in searching, finding and evaluating suitable scientific literature.

You learned the following skills:

  • Define your subject
  • Generate search terms
  • Choose a search system
  • Use search methods and search techniques
  • Evaluate sources on relevance and scientific nature
  • Avoid plagiarism, correct citing and referring in correct style, including the use of a reference management tool

We also provided you with information on searching for books, newspaper articles, reports and statistics.

We will appreciate it very much of you will take the time to fill in the poll on this page.

Thank you very much.


This LibGuide can be accessed from anywhere on the website of the University Library, click on 'LibGuides' at the bottom of the webpage. Scroll down to find the training LibGuides for Social Sciences (including this one).

The library also offers you a collection of general LibGuides with information on various topics, including searching for books or articles, setting up a search strategy or information about search systems such as WorldCat, Google Scholar, or  Scopus.

During the hands-on training you can ask the available library staff member your questions. if you have any questions later, try to find answers in the LibGuides or contact the subject- and information specialists of the library.

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