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Scopus (EN): Get going

What is Scopus?


Scopus is a search engine containing abstracts of articles and book chapters in all subject areas. It also contains the references from and citations to those articles and book chapters.

Use the UBUlink to get to the article itself.

Use Scopus for?

Searching  for:

  • scientific/scholarly articles
  • bookchapters
  • citations of articles (from 1996 onwards)
  • citation score of authors (H-index)
  • citation data of the publications of authors
  • the SNIP impact factor of journals

Where to find Scopus?

You will find Scopus under the list of search engines of the University Library.
The database can be accessed on campus, off-campus access is only possible for Utrecht University staff and students

Search by subject

Often you will only have to enter the word stem, supplemented with an * (see Combining and breaking off search terms).

If necessary, limit by period ('Date Range').

Searching for literature via an article you already know

First go to the article you already know, for instance by entering the author and some words from the title (select All fields); you may also limit to publication year.
If you click on the article your are given four options to find more literature:

  1. View references (on the right hand side) gives a list of older articles which this article refers to
  2. Via Cited by since 1996 (top right) you will find more recent articles referring to this article
  3. Via related documents you will find articles related to your article
  4. Click on the author's name: in this way you can see if he/she has written more about the subject.

Searching for an author

  1. Click on the tab Author Search; follow the example on the screen
  2. Select the author for more information about the author (including the H-index)
  3. Click on the number at Documents to view the articles of this author

Information on journals covered by Scopus

  1. Click on Sources in the dark green bar
  2. Search by the first letter(s) or by words from the journal title (search bar on the right hand side)

Besides information about subject area and publisher, you will find data on the coverage by Scopus for each journal:

  • Scopus Coverage Years: the period over which Scopus provides bibliographical references
  • Documents available from: the number of documents (sorted by year)
  • The Journal analyzer: six parameters to analyze a journal



Instruction videos

Scopus TV
YouTube channel of Scopus

Facts and figures

  • Type of contents: data on scientific/scholarly articles, book chapters and conference papers
  • Coverage period: 19th century to the present; where possible journals are indexed from the first volume; citation information from 1996 onwards
  • Size: data on > 55 million documents from >21,000 journals from > 5,000 publishers
  • Subject areas: all
  • Default search method: AND (spacing=AND)
  • Default order of results: chronological (newest on top)
  • Truncation with: *
  • Provider: Elsevier
  • ID for UU-users of PapersApp: 21878