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Introduction to Literary Studies: Literary Studies


Algemeen Letterkundig Lexicon:.(in Dutch only) with more than 4,000 terms in the field of literary theory in general: literary movements, eras and genres; classical rhetoric and metrics; current literary theory, popular literature, edition techniques and book studies.

Oxford dictionary of literary terms: definitions of general literary terms, with extensive cross references. (Previous title: Concise Oxford dictionary of literary terms)

Van Dale Onlinewoordenboeken: bilingual dictionaries NL/EN and EN/NL.

Search engines for literary studies



  • MLA International Bibliography:  International bibliography of the Modern Language Association in the field of modern language and literary studies, with references from 1926 onwards. No reviews.

Book reviews

  • LiteRom Wereldliteratuur: Book reviews of Dutch translatons of foreign literature. Every two weeks the latest reviews as well as interviews with authors are added to LiteRom Wereldliteratuur. It contains articles from Dutch newspapers and weekly magazines 1876 onwards.

The language collections in the University Library City Centre


All language collections are located in the Utrecht University Library City Centre.

  • Dutch (NED), German (DUI) and English (ENG) are located on the ground floor
  • Literary studies (ALW), French (FRA), Italian (ITA), Spanish (SPA) and Celtic Languages (KEL) are located on the first floor.
  • Do you want to know more details about the arranged of topics and the corresponding codes? Each of the collection for the Humanities has a dedicated page with a link to the classification. 

What will you find in the language collections?

  • General studies on the language and literature of a certain region. For instance you will find many dictionaries here
  • Linguistics of the languages Dutch, English, Celtic, French, Italian and Spanish
  • Literary studies (form the greater part of the language collections). This part is arranged by period. For each period you will find general studies and next the authors from that particular period, arranged alphabetically, with primary sources (the work written by the author), translations and secundary sources (studies about the author).
  • In the collection of Literary studies (Dutch abbreviation: ALW) you will find books on theoretical and empirical literary studies. Comparative literary studies are arranged by period.