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Training Economics: 1. Introduction

About this training

This training in the form of a LibGuide is divided into a number of tabs. Go through the tabs one by one, from left to right and from top to bottom.

During this training you are going to develop your own online searching skills.

You are going to learn:

  • To look for books and journal articles
  • To look for working papers
  • To look for newspaper articles
  • To use different search engines


The LibGuide will be available 24/7.

If you have any questions during the training, don't hesitate to ask the library staff.

When you're finished tell us what you think about the LibGuide. Use the final tab to answer a few simple questions. That way you help us build a better guide for next years' students.

Why would you learn to search?

Searching for and finding literature is part of every scientific research. Often it's not difficult to find information, but finding the right information scientifically, can be. How do you know if you can trust your information? How do you know you have found the most important literature out there on your subject? How do you make sure you get a copy of what you need? This is what we want you to understand: make sure you understand what you're doing and keep a critical eye on what you find.

What can and what can't the library offer?

You can always find information and it's everywhere, on the internet for example. But a lot of scientific literature is not freely available online. The Library has an annual budget for books and journal subscriptions. By using the library's databases you get access to databases, resource collections, and other digital materials licensed by the university library. The library also offers help in your search for freely accessible literature.

It's also possible that your literature won't be available in Utrecht, we can't buy everything and we make some tough selections. However you are welcome to suggest titles for us to purchase by filling out this form.

Information for economists

Digital information for economists

Much information for economists is available electronically, but not all of it is accessible for free in the Internet's public domain. Much of the information can be found in subscription databases paid for by Utrecht University. A number of these frequently used databases are explained in this LibGuide. They are only accessible when you consult them at the University or from home using your Solis ID (the screen 'Login' wil appear when necessary). See also the Economics page of the University Library.

Printed information for economists

Sometimes a visit to the Library will be necessary, if you want to consult or photocopy printed articles in journals. The printed economy books are placed in the depot in the University Library Utrecht Science Park. See how to borrow books.

Directions to Search engines

Within the University network or at home, click in the following order:

Library website > Search engines > choose a discipline or select from 'quickly go to'.

Access from home

Utrecht University staff and students have off-campus access to the electronic journals, e-books and electronic databases of Utrecht University Library.

Logging in
Always start on the homepage of the Utrecht University Library :

When you open a database, e-book, article or electronic journal a login screen appears: log in with your Solis ID and Solis password.
You only have to log in once, your data are saved during the rest of your browser session

When consulting search engines or using apps the proxy of your institution may be asked for. The Utrecht University address of this proxy is:

More information?
See Online access on the library's website.

The University Library City Centre: much is online, but enjoy the building too

Nowadays you can collect and consult many information sources online, wherever you are. But there is more. You are welcome to visit the University Library City Centre and check out its facilities.

There is also a University Library Utrecht Science Park. There you will find print books and journals on Science and Social Sciences. The facilities offered are almost the same.