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Citing: Find out more

Citation styles

Searching for citations

Sometimes you want to know whether a particular publication has been quoted in more recent literature. Or as a researcher you want to know how often others have used your article or book in their work.

You can easily search for citations in the special citation indexes Web of Science and Scopus. You can also find citing articles in Google Scholar (cited by).

More information

Useful tools and websites

  • The Scribbr website provides a lot of information about citing and referencing and offers a plagiarism check (for a fee)
  • Trinity College in Hartford has created a useful online citation guide, Cite Source. Here you can search in subject areas and citation styles in combination with the type of source you want to quote. The guide indicates what you must state and in which order. There are more online generators available see for example the LaTrobe University Referencing Tool. Be careful and check if these tools come from a trustworthy source and always check the references yourself

Plagiarism Game

The game Goblin Threat of Lycoming College takes you playfully through the dilemma's of referencing and plagiarism

Online information literacy skills training, Compass

Utrecht University Library offers an online information skills training: Compass.

This training consists of four modules, each taking up approximately 30 minutes. Together they form a complete introductory course on searching and finding information. The modules can be followed independently of each other, however.

  1. Finding and accessing information
  2. Setting up your search
  3. Evaluating your sources
  4. Saving and using sources

So, if you want to know more about searching for literature sources, or want to get more practice on the different parts of a search strategy, go to