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Media Studies: Dissertations

Doing a Literature Review

Why search for dissertations?

Dissertations are a valuable source when doing a literature review. They might contain a thorough review of the scholarly discussion relevant to the subject of the dissertation accompanied by an extensive bibliography.

Searching for Dissertations

You can use our list of Search Engines for Dissertations when searching for dissertations on your topic.

Use for instance:

Some dissertations have also officially been published as a book. You will probably have found them already when searching for books on your topic. Others will be freely available online. Older dissertations might be hard to get, but will also probably be less relevant.

Can't get hold of a dissertation? Try to contact the author or ask your library.

Dutch Dissertations: Netherlands Research Portal

Netherlands Research Portal is the national portal for information on researchers and their work. You will find all online dissertations from every Dutch university with abstracts. Over 80% of these dissertations are Open Access available.

You can also use Netherlands Research Portal to look for information on current research, data sets and researchers.