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ME2V15005 Intermedialiteit: Books

LibGuide for the course Intermedialiteit (ME2V15005)


Utrecht University Library offers you optimised access to WorldCat, including extra search and filter options, via:

Here you will find:

  • The contents of more than a thousand libraries from all over the world (and options to borrow these materials).
  • The Utrecht University Library collection.

To optimise your search read the Libguide on WorldCat.


Attention: Worldcat also has a general entry without these additional options, which can be found at

Google Books

Google BooksGoogle Books is a search engine in which you will find (data on) more than 20 million books. Books are included in Google Books via the scan programme that Google executes at >20 large libraries and via publishers taking care of their own uploads. That is why Google Books often contains the searchable full text of books. However, though you can search the full text you cannot always read the full text in Google Books. It depends on copyright issues and publishers' permissions. Mainly the older books which are copyright-free are full text available in Google Books.

Though it is difficult to find there is also an advanced search form for Google Books that you can use to do a more targeted search.

In addition to the catalogue, use Google Books for:

  • trying to find the title/author of books in which your subject is only a small part of the content (chapter, paragraph), because in the catalogue that only works in the case of e-books;
  • (if you are lucky) reading the full text of (parts of) books which the library does not hold (but you can also make a purchase suggestion with sometimes very quick results;
  • Finding more books on the same subject via the extra data that Google Books adds to a title (citations, related titles).

If you have found relevant titles in Google Books, you can look for the title in the catalogue of Utrecht University Library to get access to the book. Unfortunately, Google Books does not show the UBU link as Google Scholar does.

The special LibGuide Google Books UBU LibGuide Google Books offers more information about the pros and cons of working with Google Books.

UBUlink: availability of publications

In your search for scholarly literature you may sometimes find the UBU-link. This link provides information about the availability of the publication via the University Library, in digital as well as in paper format.

UBUlink, quickly to the publication

In the case of digital publications the UBU-link provides direct access. For print publications the UBU-link gives information about availability at Utrecht University Library. Sometimes the UBU-link is in the form of a red button, but it can also be a text link.

Borrowing items from other Dutch libraries

Material from other Dutch libraries can be requested through WorldCat by clicking on the title of the item. Under "Availability" then "Libraries Worldwide" you will find the "Interlibrary Request" button. By clicking that you will be directed to a form where you can  make your request. 

IBL aanvraag in Worldcat