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ME2V15005 Intermedialiteit: Module 3: Refining search terms and searching in different databases

LibGuide for the course Intermedialiteit (ME2V15005)

3.1 Refining search terms


Read ‘2. Search for literature >> Search Strategy’ to find out how you can search for literature in a systematic manner and how you can use combinations of search terms in an effective manner. (NOTE: We won’t use the ‘snowball method’ until next week)

To do

  • Create a list with as many potentially useful search terms you can think of.
  • Try (combinations of) search terms in at least 3 different databases (e.g. WorldCat, Google Books, Google Scholar).
  • Make a motivated choice what databases you will use. To find out more about the different databases, their advantages and disadvantages, check ‘2. Search for literature >> Books’ and ‘2.Search for literature >> Articles’.


3.2 Select results and import in Zotero

To do

  • Select relevant results and import them in Zotero.
  • Add a ‘note’ to each result to indicate what (combination of) search terms you used.
    NOTE: compose your note like the following >> Search term: x  or Search term: x + y + z

To find out how to create a ‘note’ in Zotero check ‘0. Reference management (using Zotero)


Are you still happy with the question you selected?

Is it necessary, looking at the publications you’ve found so far, to further limit your question and make it more precise?

If you feel it is relevant, rephrase your question and inform your teacher.

Learning goal week 3

Learn how to refine the results of the explorative mapping by using combinations of search terms and to search for publications (books and articles) not only in the university catalogue, but in different search engines.