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Training Economics: 1. Outline

Outline (and optional: RefWorks)

The emphasis of these exercises is on the various possibilities for looking up literature: which sources can be used, how can they be searched and how to manage the references that you have found?

In the exercises we will use RefWorks to manage references. This part of each exercise is optional.

If you do want to practice Refworks, please continue and create an account.

Create a RefWorks account

-  Go to the RefWorks website: UU Library website > Search engines> Quickly go to: refworks > Go to RefWorks 3

-  Enter your university email address and click [Check]

-  Choose a password
    Note: Do NOT use the same password you used for your legacy RefWorks account
If you do so, your 'old' database will be automatically converted to ProQuest / RefWorks and then you may have problems working in
    documents that are linked to your old database.

- You will receive an e-mail from ProQuest

- Click on the 'activation link' > fill in the form

- Your new database will be opened.

- You may have a look at the tools, but it is better to wait with installing them; we advise you to first proceed with these exersices.

-  In RefWorks: create a folder to collect your references in. Within the left menu: Click on My Folders > add a folder >  fill in a name > click on Save


Now start with the exercises.

In the last exercise you practice creating a bibliography and/or with citing references from RefWorks in a word document.

When importing references into Refworks, you might be asked "Which version of RefWorks would you like to export to?" > select the bue icon Proquest/Refworks (new Refworks).


Manual Proquest RefWorks 3 by Utrecht University Library

Libguide on New RefWorks by Proquest

Tutorial (video) by Proquest