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Training Economics: 5. Working Papers


With this exercise you can become familiar with this database. After that you can search the database with your own subject.

Library website > search engines > search engines by discipline > scroll down to Economics > RePEc:IDEAS

Deregulation, banking sector competition and economic growth

Make a list of search terms
Banks, banking, competition, regulation, deregulation, economic growth

Your Search
Click ‘Advanced search’ > notice the Tips.
Search for: banking + competition + "economic growth"
search in All ( type of documents) and in Whole record and Sort by relevance

Scroll down to view results
Take a look at some records and click on a title.
If possible, click on the names of authors to find additional information, for instance more publications from them.

Once you have found an interesting publication, take a look at the references (= the sources the author based his/her work on) and citations (= more recent articles citing this article).
These publications could be interesting too.


Also possible:

Click on JEL Classification (on the right) to browse through material classified through Journal of Economic Literature codes.

Browse through the JEL Classification to G28. You will find working papers on this subject.

Finding working papers using Google Scholar (with UBU-Link)

Go to Google Scholar
Library website > search engines > Quickly go to: Google Scholar (with UBU-link)

Your Search
1. Using Google Scholar, search for:
(bank OR banks OR banking) regulation competition “working paper”

2. Using Google Scholar, search in the RePEc archive:
"banking sector" regulation competition

3. Many working papers mention the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) classification codes. You can search by these in Google Scholar:
JEL G28 “working paper”

4. Search the NBER database using JEL codes: