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Training Economics: 2. Google Scholar

Google Scholar

With this exercise you can become familiar with this search engine. After that you can search with your own subject.

Go to Google Scholar:

Click in following order: > Search engines > Quickly go to: Google Scholar (with UBUlink)


A. Fill in your search terms: "regional economic growth" intitle:innovation and geography
Limit your search results: custom range 2012 - 2018

Take notice of this article:

If you don’t see the hyperlink “Import into RefWorks” click on (left upper corner) > Settings> select at “Bibliography Manager”: “Show links to import citations into Refworks” > Save the settings and return to your search results.

View the publication by clicking on the title.

Go back to the Google Scholar search results and [Ctrl]-click on “Cited by 88” (opens in a New Tab). Here you will find articles by authors who cited this article.

Once again, go back to the Google Scholar search results and [Ctrl]-click on “All 11 versions”. Here you will find other versions of the publication (working paper, preprint) or the same publication on different websites.

Learn more about Google Scholar? See LibGuide LibGuide Google Scholar .


B. Optional:

Add the reference to your Refworks account. To do so, open RefWorks in a new tab. Then click on Import into RefWorks.
When you are asked: "Which version of RefWorks would you like to export to?" select New Refworks (blue icon).

In RefWorks:

  • import complete > click OK
  • switch to Full View (at bottom right-hand corner) to see all imported information.
  • check the imported data. Edit if necessary with the icon  and click Save.
  • put into the correct folder: drag the reference to the correct folder.
    Alternative: you can also tick box, click the icon    Assign to Folder (at the top) and select the folder (or subfolder) to which you want to add the reference to.