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New Pubmed (EN): Introduction

Effective use of PubMed

For an efficient search in PubMed you need to be well prepared. If you start searching haphazardly you often get too many hits which will  bear hardly or no relevance to your question.  Especially in the case of extensive searches the first blow is half the battle!


Whatcan not be found in PubMed?


Please note that PubMed only searches the recent content of a few Dutch journals. To find additional European biomedical literature Embase is the preferred source.

What is in Pubmed? - Video (5 min.)

PubMed offers

  • Simple filters (including date and language) to limit the number of search results.
  • Extensive search filters e.g. for clinical questions (Clinical Queries).
  • Possibilities to search with keywords: MeSH-terms. MeSH stands for:'Medical Subject Heading'.
  • Links to related articles (Similar articles) or citing articles (Cited by).
  • The ability to immediately find an article you are looking for with little data (Single Citation Matcher).
  • The ability to save search strategies and let yourself be alerted to newer articles about your search strategy (Create alert).
  • The ability to export references to literature management software (Send to Citation Manager)

Access: UBULINK and Lean Library

Access to PubMed is free, but to be able to use the full text links you must use the PubMed entrance via the university library. Then you will see the UBUlink-klein. This will give you the full text, also in paid journals if in license. You will see the availability of both the online articles and the older volumes that are not yet online and  in depot of our university library. You can request these old volumes directly - if available - and if you are a member of the library. Click on 'Availability via Utrecht University Library ' - 'Exemplaren' and select the correct year. See also: Loan and more.

The WorldCat screen: (Click image to enlarge):

You will be offered even more options via the UBU link menu. Search WorldCat  and order items if needed. Via 'Check Holdings in WorldCat' you can search the digital as well as the paper holdings of the university library. You can also click through to ILL to request it from another library. There are costs associated with the latter option. All information about the UBULINK can be found here.

For easy access to most digital resources there is also the Lean Library browser plugin, which often gives access to paid resources without additional login, even outside the UU or UMCU network. See the information on the library website on Lean Library.