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Gender Studies in the University Library: Introduction

Gender studies embraces a range of disciplines, from the Humanities to the Social Sciences.As traditionally all disciplines had their own book collections, the interdisciplinarity if this field of research is a challenge to both librarian and library user

LibGuide Gender Studies

Welcome to the Gender Studies Library Guide. Here you can find information on how to use the Utrecht University Library efficiently, where you can find what, and how to use databases to their full benefit.

This LibGuide was created thanks to the collaboration with and contributions of Charlotte Knoors, as an intern of the Research Master Gender Studies, Kathrin Thiele (GS) and Arja Firet (UUL) in 2018.

Your contact person at the UUL

drs Arja Firet
subject specialist Gender Studies

No access? What to do next?

The UUL can only acquire a selection of all books and articles published worldwide on Gender Studies. As the library is far from complete, you may be confronted with titles that are missing or paywalls. What to do?

  • Check Google (Scholar).
  • Request material from another library in the Netherlands (through WorldCat).
  • Send us a purchase suggestion.  

The University library is online, but it is a building as well!

University Library City Centre

Nowadays you can do online research, with lots of online journals and books made available by the library. But not everything is online! The library as a physical space remains important. Some material is only available in hardcopy. For that and more, please visit the University Library City Center, with:

  • study facilities (study spots, study spaces for groups)
  • print/scan
  • printed collection for Gender Studies (code: ALG 02.60)
    More details, see hereabove the tab Printed collections

Do you need help?

  • Ask at the service desk (Monday-Friday, 9 AM- 5 PM).
  • Ask by mail to

Online resources for Gender Studies

A quick search with Google Scholar

Google Scholar: do a quick search for publications you can get hold of easily. Beware that you may miss important publications and that you will find a lot of titles that are not closely related to your subject.

Google Scholar Search