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Training ISS premaster Academic Skills: Books, reports, newspapers, statistics

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  1. Searching for books
  2. Newspaper articles

In the pages below you can find information about searching for:

  1. Reports and government information
  2. Statistics


​For your assignment it may be useful or even necessary to make use of sources other than just journal articles. Consider, for example, policy documents, statistics or newspaper articles. Or you can look for interesting books.

Read the information on the subpages for help.

Write down (in addition to source data as author and title etc.) in which search systems you have found the sources and how. This can be useful if you need to retrace your steps or for find your data / sources at a later stage.

Searching for books

A book is often an in-depth, scientific study on a certain subject. Such a monograph often contains overviews and theory and is the result of years of research. It is very suitable as the first entry for a certain topic, but does not always contain the latest research findings or nuance of the scientific discussion (as opposed to a scientific article).

Books can be found at several databases, for example:

(for print books)  search Utrecht University on WorldCat  for the Utrecht University Library collection, the collection of all Dutch libraries and many other international libraries; limit your search to 'gedrukte boeken/print books'

(for online or e books) search Utrecht University on WorldCat for the Utrecht University Library collection (limit your search to e-book and Utrecht University Library)*, several Digital databases that contain e-books at the Utrecht University Library, ScopusGoogle BooksEuropeanaInternet Archive, Project GutenbergHathi Trust

For more information see our libguide Search strategy.

In Worldcat you will probably also find books from other library collections. You will have no access to these e-books. You can request print books from other libraries via WorldCat (but you have to pay for this service). 

Searching for newspaper articles

Newspaper articles can be found in for example:

Next step

The next step is to evaluate the sources you found, can you use them or not?