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Workshop research and information skills GEO1-2208 (Innovation Systems): 4D. newspaper articles


Time estimate: 10 minutes

  1. Have a look at the information on the right.
  2. Search for two or three newspaper articles using Nexis Uni
  3. Take a minute to try out Google News but note that for most sources it is restricted to what has been posted on the newspaper websites, not the full (print) newspapers, and that it does not always go back in time that far.

Nexis Uni

Nexis Uni  has a vast archive of over 10,000 newspapers, with full texts from around 1992. Some 2000 are ongoing publications. Major Dutch as well as foreign newspapers are available, and even regional papers are included. You search the full text. All text is available within the system itself. You can use specific terms and it is wise to use at least 3 search terms and use limits on publication year because of the vast number of articles. For exporting to Zotero make sure to click through to the article itself. Only then a button for exporting will be shown.

Nexis Uni goes much further back than, for example, Google News and is excellent for finding (old) news and background articles that have appeared in the newspapers over the years. Most Dutch regional newspapers have also been included.

For more information and help in searching see our Nexis Uni webpage