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Training Master Youth Studies: Summary and feedback


In this training you have learned to:

  1. formulate a good research question (including determining inclusion criteria)
  2. perform a literature search
  3. screen the literature you found on relevance (based on title and abstract)
  4. how to get hold of the full text of the relevant literature and measure it against your inclusion criteria
  5. how to do a quality check on the relevant literature

Compass: online information skills training courses

The Utrecht University Library offers several online information skills training courses, Compass.

If you want to know more about searching for literature sources, or want to practice more with the different parts of a search strategy, go to
This training consists of four modules of approximately 30 minutes. Together  they form a complete introduction course on searching and finding information, but you can also go through the modules independently of each other:

  1. Finding and accessing information
  2. Setting up your search
  3. Evaluating your sources
  4. Saving and using sources

Next to this basic skills training the library also offers the additional library skills modules:

Online access via Lean Library

The Lean Library browser extension offers access to a large number of digital scientific sources, whether you are on campus or off-campus.

Every time you visit a website with publications licensed by Utrecht University Library, you are asked to log in. Next you will have direct access. Using the extension also gives you automatically access to Google Scholar and PubMed including UBUlink.

If you come across a publication which may not be available, Lean Library will try to find an open access version for you.

You download the extension once, select your institution and log in with your Solis ID or UMCU-account and password.

Want to know more? Visit the Online Access via Lean Library page of the Utrecht University Library.
Want to know more about all options to access digital publications? Visit our Online Access page.

Your opinion matters!

We like to hear what you think of this LibGuide/training module, contents as well as the way it is offered. We use your feedback to improve this training.

Please answer the 3 questions in the poll, or email your opinion to the subject librarian Social Sciences.

Feedback question 1

This training
taught me a lot: 0 votes (0%)
taught me a few new things: 1 votes (100%)
taught me almost nothing: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 1

Feedback question 2

The level of the training was
too easy: 0 votes (0%)
not hard to follow: 0 votes (0%)
difficult, but causing no further problems: 0 votes (0%)
to difficult: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 0

Feedback question 3

This trainingmodule is
superficial, but not hard to follow: 0 votes (0%)
superficial and hard to follow: 1 votes (100%)
on a right level and clear: 0 votes (0%)
on a right level but sometimes not clear: 0 votes (0%)
profound, but not hard to follow: 0 votes (0%)
profound and hard to follow: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 1