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Thesis Geo: search sessions for masters: Intro

Finding the best sources for your thesis

Your thesis is one of the most important moments in your studies. It is crucial that you find, evaluate and cite the best sources you can get. These will give you a headstart, provide a sound theoretical basis as well as the factual information and documentation. They may also serve as an example to which you can mirror your own writings.

Nowadays millions of publications are only few mouseclicks away, But coming up with a good search strategy can be daunting and selecting from the seemingly limitless amount of sources available often proves difficult.

These search sessions provide you with an opportunity to get tailored advice from your subject librarian on the best search systems to use, on search terms and on the scholarly status of articles, books and other sources of information.

This guide

Right now this guide only has information on the search sessions. But once we have translated the full dutch version it will hold information on many more subjects related to finding and using scholarly information: searching, evaluating, integrity, RefWorks and more. Did you know that we have many full LibGuides available in English? Take a look!

Masters' search sessions

In the so-called masters' search sessions you can make a quick start finding relevant sources for your thesis. During the 1-2 hour sessions you also get a very short update on scholarly search engines and some of their intricacies and, most important, individual targeted advice from your Geography/Geoscience subject librarian. There is no extensive demonstration or lecture and everyone in the group (max. 10 persons) gets guaranteed individual attention.

Please register by sending an email stating on which date you wish to attend (select one of the dates below) to j.bosman [at]

In your message please state the subject of your thesis, an abstract or outline if you already have that and preferably also one or two references to publications you already found. Based on that you will get your tailor made advice.

Planned sessions (min. 3, max. 10 persons):