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LIBGUIDES: on scholarly sources: About these LibGuides

Tips, theory and training for searching and using scholarly information

On LibGuides

LibGuides offer information on how to search well and use scholarly resources responsibly. LibGuides are compiled by informations specialists and subject librarians of Utrecht University Library in support of research and education at Utrecht University.



There are LibGuides on:

  • general information literacy issues and working with scholarly resources
  • searching specific types of information
  • effective use of search engines and tools
  • search tips by discipline

And then there are also special libguides to support library organised training sessions that are part of regular Utrecht University curriculum.

LibGuides are flexible: they can be read and used form start to finish, but each separate 'box' can be re-used and embedded at will.

For more information get into contact with your librarian or mail to

Re-use LibGuide boxes in Blackboard or other sites

Re-using and embedding LibGuide boxes in Blackboard and other sites is a matter of a few clicks.

Instructions for embedding in Blackboard:

  1. In LibGuides:
    1. Find the box you wish to embed.
    2. Click the small embed icon bottom right: </>.
    3. In the pop-up, copy the bottom code+link.
  2. In Blackboard:
    1. Using Build content make a page or item or go to an existing page or item in which you want to embed the box from LibGuides.
    2. Make sure you see all edit buttons by clicking the double downwards arrows ('show more'):

zet alle editknoppen van Blackboard aan

  1. In the edit-screen activate the mode for HTML-editing with the 'HTML code view' button:

activeer de HTML code view met de HTML knop

  1. Put your cursor at the place where you want the LibGudies box to appear and paste the code+link you copied from the LibGuides pop-up.
  2. Save by clicking submit.

N.B. IN some cases your browser will block non-https content (such as LibGuides) and nothing will appear. To solve this you have to give your broser permission to show this type of content.

In Internet Explorer if you get the question below about secure content, click 'no':

beantwoordt de secure content vraag met 'no'

In Chrome click the protection icon in the adress bar and choose 'load unsafe script '. Of course, this is safe in the case of LibGuides:

unblock unsafe content in Chrome

In Firefox click the protection icon in the adress bar (on the left) and deactivate blocking on this page:

Beveiliging voor pagina uitschakelen in Firefox

Did you know that teaching staff & faculty can contribute to the contents of LibGuides if they wish? If you wish to contribute to LibGuides and get permission to edit certain pages please get into contact with your library faculty liaison.

No LibGuide? Let us know what you would like us to make!

On which subject would you like to see a LibGuide? Just let us know via We will consider your input seriously!


When you have questions or to report problems please ask the library via


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