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Google Scholar (EN): General information

Introduction to Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a general search engine, containing scholarly articles. It has a large coverage and is very user-friendly. In this LibGuide you will find information about the use of Google Scholar for Utrecht University students.

>> Search Google Scholar (with UBU-link)

Are you a researcher? Check out the information especially for Utrecht University researchers

What will you find in Google Scholar?

Your search results may contain:

  • references to articles
  • references to preprints and working papers
  • references to books (selection from Google Books)
  • rudimentary references ('CITATIONS') to cited articles or books
  • references to patents and legal documents 

Google Scholar & UBU-link

Use Google Scholar with UBU-link. The UBU-link is a quick way to the full text.

No UBU-link next to the articles?

  1. Go (back) to the homepage of Google Scholar
  2. At the top right hand corner you will see a hamburger button
  3. Click on settings
  4. Choose library links
  5. Search on Utrecht University
  6. Tick the following boxes
    1. Utrecht University Library-Fulltext @UBUlink
    2. Open WorldCat – Library Search


From Google Scholar to the full text

There are several ways to get access to the full text:

The easiest option: above the description

  • the title

If that does not help, in the right hand column:

  • Fulltext@UBUlink (the long UBUlink)
  • [PDF] or [DOC] or [HTML] link

As last option, below the description:

  • all versions link
  • UBUlink (the short UBUlink), under 'more' on the blue line with links

If Google can offer a direct [PDF], [DOC] or [HTML] link to the full text it sometimes does not show the UBU-link at all.

Find out more

Use Google Scholar to find

  •  A specific article of which you know the title
  •  Articles from non-peer reviewed journals
  •  Conference proceedings
  •  Articles in which your topic is only slightly relevant