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Searching quantitative data for historians: Introduction

Searching data versus searching literature

At the start of the year, you have been offered the basics to learn how to collect scholarly literature:

Learning to search datasets will build upon that knowledge. To find data, you also need to learn new concepts and methods.

Keep in mind that searching data is quite a new development. It will cost more time to find relevant datasets than to find relevant sources.

Welcome to this training

This LibGuide is developed for first-year students History in the course about quantitative data: Big Questions, Big Data (update: 22 April 2022). Only students of this course have access to all course materials through BlackBoard. 

Here you are going to learn:

  • different methods to collect datasets
  • how to evaluate, cite and reuse datasets


The LibGuide will be available for as long as the course lasts. If you have any questions, you can ask them to a librarian by email at