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Searching for books: Introduction


The information in this libguide will be integrated in the libguide Search Strategy, early August 2021.
The libguide 'Searching for books' will be discontinued as a separate libguide after that.

Introduction to searching for books

Are you looking for books? In this LibGuide you will be informed about the best options.

Book chapters

In many search systems you can also search for book chapters .

For example in WorldCat you can filter on document type 'Chapter'.

Take your time to look for possible filters (or 'limits') for document types in other multi disciplinary search systems like Scopus and Web of Science or in subject related search systems (often called: 'Chapter' or 'Book Chapter').

Usually the system will offer you filters after you have performed a search, but sometimes it is also possible to add filters beforehand (Tip: take a look at the Advanced Search options).

Search engines for books

Your search for books is based on data such as author, title, edition etc. Below you will find a list of search engines containing print books and e-books:

Any questions about finding and reading e-books? Have a look at the page about e-books on the website of the University Library.

Find out more

How to get hold of a book