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Google Books (EN): Get going

What is Google Books?

Google Books is a search engine with (references to) millions of books. Use Google Books to perform a broad search for books on your topic.

Search Google Books


When to use Google Books

In Google Books you can:

  • search by subject, because you search the full text in Google Books;  
  •  read the full text of copyright free older books;
  • read (parts of) more recent copyrighted books and which you cannot find elsewhere. With some luck just the chapter you need is available in full text.

Search in Google Books

Searching Google Books is similar to searching in Google. You will find extensive information on searching and tools on the Help page. Or click on advanced search to find more search options

Search tips:

  • Enter your search terms at With all of the words 
  • Change the word order, this gives different results
  • Once you have found a book, try Related books for more results

Find out more

Get hold of a book found in Google Books

Click under Get this book in print (if available) on the link Find in a library. You will be directed to WorldCat. In this worldwide catalogue you can see if the book is available in the collection of Utrecht University Library or in other libraries around the world.