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ME2V15005 Intermedialiteit: Module 6: Using key terms to organize your results

LibGuide for the course Intermedialiteit (ME2V15005)

6.1 Using key terms to organize your results

Keywords are words that indicate the content of the publication. Often keywords are important concepts and terms that are used in the publication, or they refer to the phenomena that are discussed in the publication. Tagging your results with keywords allows you to see what publications are related in terms of content.


How to decide on keywords when you haven’t read the actual publication yet? What strategies could you use?

To do

Go to Zotero

  • Choose a minimum of 4 publications from your list
  • Use ‘tags’ to add a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 keywords to each publication. Use a single tag for each keyword.
  • Add a few lines about the relevance of this source for your question to the ‘note’ connected to this publication. What kind of information does it provide, what aspect of the question does it address? If no ‘note’ is connected to the publication yet, create one.


NOTE Check ‘0. Reference management (using Zotero)’ how you can create a tag in Zotero. Please remember that for the final assignment you are required to add tags to ALL 20 publications of your list and that you need to include a small section on the relevance of the source for all 20 publications as well. The more you do now, the less work later on.

Learning goal week 6

Learning how to choose and use keywords to tag your results in a meaningful way.