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ME2V15005 Intermedialiteit: Module 5: Evaluating literature

LibGuide for the course Intermedialiteit (ME2V15005)

5.1 Assessing the academic quality of your publication


Read ‘3. Evaluating’ to find out how you can determine the academic value of a source.
NOTE: In this course you don’t learn (yet) how to also use reading strategies to assess the value of the source.

To do

Choose a minimum of 2 books and 2 articles from your list and assess their academic value using the following strategies.

  • Check information on the author: Who is the author, what is the affiliation of the author? Is the author an academic or trained as an academic? Is the author a beginning academic or a well known professor? Does the author work in an academic context?
  • Check book reviews: Has the book been reviewed? Is the review published in an academic context? Is the reviewer an academic?
  • Check the journal in which the article is published: Does the journal work with a peer-review system? This information is usually provided in the 'About' section on the webpage of an academic journal.


Do the outcomes of your research give rise to serious doubts with regard to the academic value of the sources you checked? Why?

What would be serious indications that a publication lacks academic value?


5.2 Adding information about the academic quality of your literature in Zotero

To do

Go to Zotero

  • For each publication which academic value you doubt, add a remark in the ‘note’. Briefly explain the doubts. If you haven’t added a note to a publication yet, create one.
  • Add author information to the ‘note’ of at least 2 books and two articles on your list by providing a short bio about the author (25 words max) that indicates the disciplinary background and affiliation of the author (working in what field/domain, which institute or organisation, what function or position). Make sure the information is up to date. If you haven’t added a note to a publication yet, create one.
  • Add a brief remark to the ‘note’ of at least 2 books indicating if the book has been reviewed or not. If there is a book review, provide a link. If you haven’t added a note to a publication yet, create one.
  • Add a remark to the ‘note’ of at least two articles indicating if the article has been peer-reviewed or not.
  • NOTE  Please remember that for the final assignment you are required to add the above information to ALL 20 publications of your list. The more you do now, the less work later on.


Learning goal week 5

Learning how to assess the academic value of your sources on a basic level, using different methods: checking the author, book reviews and finding out if the journal in which an article is published is peer-reviewed.