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Drug and Disease Information: Toxicology Data & Literature

Toxicology Data & Literature

Have a look at the information on the right.

1. Perform a search in ToxNet. Search for a particular medicine by chemical name. Tip: use the Search All Databases search field to search all databases simultaneously.

  • How many records are retrieved for each of the ToxNet databases?
  • Read the information on the Database Description Support Page. Which database would you use to find information on possible adverse effects in nursing infants?
  • What is the chemical structure of your medicine?
  • What is the therapeutic use of your medicine? Tip: check out the classification codes and/or notes of the ChemIDplus full record. 
  • Export relevant references to RefWorks.

2. Perform additional searches:

  • Conduct a search on a similar drug in the same class of drugs. Tip: try one of the drug names from the PubMed excercise.
  • Conduct a search on the drug class. 

Done? Continue with the next part of the training:


ToxNet provides access to: