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Manual RefWorks-3: Quick Start

translation of Dutch version

Reference Management with RefWorks-3

Correctly citing literature is a piece of cake... if you apply a Reference Management System.


Create within 5 minutes your first Word document with correct citations - by following the four steps below !

From start to finish in 4 steps

STEP 1  Sign up (1 minute)

Sign up:

  • Enter your university e-mail address and click [Check];
  • Choose a password* and submit;

* If you have a previously made legacy RefWorks account, do NOT use the same password for RefWorks-3!

  • Check your e-mail: you have got a message from ProQuest;
  • Click on the 'activation link';
  • Your new database will be opened.


Proceed with STEP-2

STEP 2  Install citation tool: Word add-in (1 minute)

Check your Word version*

* It is strongly recommended to use a recent version of Word.

Staff and students of Utrecht University can install Office-365 for free on their own equipment. Install this prior to installing the add-in for 'Cite in Microsoft Word'. See for instruction: Office 365 for your home PC.


Install the add-in 'Cite in Microsoft Word' on your personal device 

  • Make sure that you do not have a Word document open (close Word);
  • Go to your ProQuest/RefWorks database;
  • Click on the [More] symbol and choose [Tools];
  • Browse to the Word plug-in: usually your laptop or PC will indicate which version* is needed.

* NB. Sometimes, both versions are needed, this depends on your Office version and your equipment!


If you don't use Word in Windows, you can choose two other citation tools, depending on your device and preference.


Proceed with STEP-3

STEP 3  Collect literature references (2 minutes)

► Method (A): Start within a SEARCH SYSTEM and use 'EXPORT'

Use this method for fast and reliable collection of a set of references

after an extensive search in a scientific Search System


For your first acquaintance, use one of the SEARCH SYSTEMS below:

for a SET OF ARTICLES, use Scopus

  • Perform a search;
  • Tick two or more hits;
  • Click [Export] in the menu bar;
  • In the next window, tick [RefWorks];
  • Click again [Export], and click on the 'blue' ProQuest/RefWorks icon.


for INDIVIDUAL ARTICLES, use Google scholar

  • Perform a search;
  • Click on the [Cite] symbol in the line below a record*;
  • Select [RefWorks].

* Google scholar can also show a direct 'Export to RefWorks' button with each record; to obtain this function, adjust 'Settings' via and


for BOOKS and BOOK-SECTIONS, use WorldCat

  • Perform a search and find your book;
  • Click below the record on the [Export] symbool
  • Click [Export to RefWorks].

 in case of a BOOK-SECTION:

  • Open the just obtained Book-reference by clicking on its Title;
  • Click on the [Edit] symbol
  • Choose as Reference type [Book section];
  • Edit the data:
    • move the Title and Authors/Editors of the BOOK to the respective fields;
    • type or copy/paste the Title, Authors and (first-last) Pages of the SECTION in the corresponding fields;
    • click [Additional fields] to get a field for the chapter;
    • add the Chapter number.
  • [Save] the edited reference.


ONLY If you can't find your source(s) in one of the systems mentioned above, try one of the alternative collection methods


Proceed with STEP-4

STEP 4  Cite literature; Create a Bibliography (1 minute) 

 Insert citations in your text

  • Start a Word document
  • Click on the [ProQuest] or [RefWorks] tab in the menu bar and log in
  • Move the cursor to the desired location in the text
  • Click [Insert Citation] > [Insert New]
  • Click on a [Folder], or search on terms of the reference (author, title word, etc.)
  • Double-click on a [Reference] and then click [OK]
  • Repeat  [Insert Citation] and the associated steps at one or more other locations in your text]


Insert a bibliography at the end of the document

  • Open a Word document
  • Place the cursor at the bottom of the document
  • When you are happy with de 'default' style (AMA = American Medical Association) just click on [Bibliography Options] > [Insert Bibliography]
  • If you prefer another style, click on ▼ behind [Style] and scroll to the desired style
  • You may use any style, e.g.:
    • Harvard: shows {author, year}
    • Vancouver: shows a serial number
    • the style of a specific Journal: this is prescribed by the editor


Choose your output style

  • There are tens of thousands of styles!

Don't see your favorite style yet? Make it visible via the function 'Quick cite' in your RefWorks database





If you don't use Word in Windows, you may use an alternative citation method