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Training PubMed (EN): Introduction

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You will find general information about PubMed (without assignments) in the LibGuide PubMed 

If you need help in searching  (medical) literature these LibGuides  may also be of interest to you:

Storing search engines, databases and references: Personal Library!

If your head is swimming with all those different search engines and databases we advise you to bookmark them. Personal Library is the best place to do so.

After having logged in with your Solis ID you select your discipline with a selection of relevant databases and journals.
You can fill this personal library with other sources, books, articles, alerts from your own sources and search results under the References tab. You can enhance these references with summaries and metadata, and share them if you are working on a group assignment.

How to use this training?

In this training, you will learn skills that will help you search PubMed efficiently. This training is primarily used in courses at the Faculty of Medicine.

The training consists of six parts, which can also be found under the tabs at the top of this LibGuide:

Tips when following the training:

  • Open PubMed and any other website in a separate screen/separate browser tab
  • In the right hand column, you will find explanation and examples
  • In the left hand column, you will find the assignments

 Good luck!