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Personal Library (EN): Intro

Personal Information Management

Personal Information Management is a process in which information needs, arising either from your work or study, are being applied to an information tool. The contents of this  tool you will have to organise yourself. For students the importance of this tool increases in the later years of  their study programmes. Another factor is the strong increase in digital information. If you use Personal Library, you have a tool to organise this information yourself.

It is important that you manage the literature yourself, controlling the quality of the information by adding and removing references. A compact 'personal library' is up-to-date with your information needs of that particular moment, for instance:  papers, research, professional literature, information originating from tutorials or project groups, web lectures or  links to relevant websites. The library is glad to offer help and its search engines are linked to Personal Library to help you manage your literature as simply as possible.

Personal Library is a personalised library on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Professional literature in Personal Library

In Personal Library you can create reading lists. The library has a licence for the references you collect in this way, so linking to these references is permitted according to copyright rules. Because you can enhance your references with summaries, book reviews and remarks you personalise your literature. In this way you may set up full digital course libraries, see the tab Reading list/Course library.

Your own library

"Never again having to search for references you once found"

Personal Library logo

Personal Library is a custom-made digital library for Utrecht University staff and students. Depending on your study programme or discipline this library contains a selection of sources to which you may add search engines, journals, books, articles and search results, resulting in a fully fledged personal library. A personal library that you can access anytime, anywhere, because it is an online library.

Keep up to date with your field of research. Read the newest articles from your favorite journals and then add them to your Personal Library.

Total concept

Personal Library offers you many possibilites: from finding to saving literature, strictly personal or public, to sharing with peers or fellow students.

Use sources made available by the library in combination with references you have found on the Internet. UBU link helps you to save your search results and sometimes offers suggestions for other relevant literature.

Automatic start-up

It is possible to open several tabs simultaneously in your browser. If you use Personal Library on a daily basis it may be convenient to open Personal Library directly next to your other homepage.

Proceed as follows:


Tools>options>general: homepage

Put a | behind your present homepage and next the URL of Personal Library

Example: http://[present homepage]|http:personal

Internet Explorer:
Tools>Internet options>Homepage: write the URL of each tab one under the other