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LexisNexis Academic (EN): Get going

What is it?

LexisNexis Academic is a large database containing the almost full text versions of thousands of newspapers worldwide and many news magazines, from the early nineties up to this morning's paper. Full text search is possible. Our version only contains limited legal and business information.

Where can I find it?

Access to LexisNexis Academic is limited to members of the Utrecht University community. You will also find this database in our list of search engines.

Why use it?

LexisNexis Academic is the first place to look if you want to find out if, how or how often a certain subject or person has been covered in the news, especially if you want to carry out a systematic search.

LexisNexis is also a good source to find book reviews published in newspapers and some general new magazines.

Quick results with LexisNexis Academic

Quick results by following these seven simple steps:

  1. Use the 'easy/general search' page (default setting)
  2. On that page use the box 'search the news'
  3. Enter one or more search terms, preferably limited to the word stem (by entering an exclamation mark: clima! for climat, climat change, climatological)
  4. You may select categories of sources (the default setting is 'All Dutch news')
  5. The search terms are  based on an AND operator (all search terms must occur). NB: you cannot enter operators like AND, OR etc.!
  6. Results are listed by relevance
  7. It is possible to filter by source type, specific publication or subject.

Preferred interface

We prefer not to use the confusing default interface but the interafce under News | All News. This allows more precise search and easy filtering by period and source type of specific newspaper titles:

theall news interface of Lexis Nexis Academic

In special cases the interfaces for company information and for selecting multiple specific titles may also be useful.

Facts and figures

  • Type of contents: newspaper articles, news magazines, news sites, blogs, radio/tv transscripts
  • Coverage period: approximately 1992-present
  • Size: > 100 million articles from > 10,000 news sources
  • Disciplines: all
  • Default search method: Boolean AND
  • Default export order: relevance
  • Truncate on word stem using: !
  • From: Reed-Elsevier