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RMA Philosophical Research Methods: Session 1: Tools of the Trade

Search engines for books


Your search for books is based on data such as author, title, edition etc. Below you will find a list of search engines containing print books and e-books:

Any questions about finding and reading e-books? Have a look at the page about e-books on the website of the University Library.

Search engines for articles

 Are you looking for an article by subject? We recommend the following general search engines:

These databases contain information about electronic and print journals.Also here the UBU-link gives information about the availability of the publication via the library.

There are also specialised search engines for a particular discipline, for instance:

Would you like to know what search engines are relevant for your discipline? Have a look at the search engines by discipline.

Open Access search engines

Open AccessOpen Access articles are freely available. Below you will find a list of search engines containing only or mainly Open Access material

If you want to find out what journals are Open Access you can check the Directory of Open Access Journals


Do you know the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) of the article you are looking for? Copy/paste it in the search box and see if an Open Access version is available.



Searching books from the Utrecht University Library collection

The titles of the books held by Utrecht University Library can be found in WorldCat. Here you will also get information about where to find the book and if it is for loan.

There are several ways to search WorldCat. In the case of print books you can enter words from the title or keywords. In the case of e-books you usually search the table of contents and the summary. Need more help? There is a Libguide on Worldcat

More information about books can be found on Google Books, publishers' sites and on commerical sites, for instance of Amazon, or Bruna.

Citation searching

Citation searching is also a way to discover journals that publish articles on your subject. For instance go to the Journal Citation Reports.

Look for a well-known journal in your field and click on Cited Journal Data and Citing Journal Data. You will see lists of journals which contain citations to the well-known journal or, on the other hand, are cited by that journal. In this way you will get a network of related journals.

UBU-link: links to full text and more options

In your search for scholarly literature you may sometimes come across the UBU-link. This link provides information about the availability of the publication via the University Library.