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Manual RefWorks-3: Alternative collection methods

translation of Dutch version

Alternative collection methods

STEP 3  ... if you can't or don't want to EXPORT

Collect literature references via an alternative method (B, C, D, E)

BE AWARE that Method D and Method E might seem to be fast, but are less reliable: references obtained with those methods usually require a lot of additional manual editing!

Method (B)Use 'Search databases'

This is a very useful method for collection of a few biomedical articles

from which you already have a print or some specific information.

For single articles, this method is much faster then download from PubMed (Method (C)!

  • Open your RefWorks database
  • Click on [Search databases]
  • Type some words from the article Title and/or Author name and/or Year;
  • Click on the [loupe] button;
  • Tick one or more hits;
  • Click [Import].


Method (C): Use 'Add > Import References'

This method is OK in this cases:

  • Copying references from your older (legacy) RefWorks database
  • Importing references that you have downloaded from a SEARCH SYSTEM without Direct Export function

  • Open your RefWorks database
  • Click [+]
  • Click [Import references]
    • Click [RefWorks];
    • Click [Authorize].
  • OR
    • Click [select a file from your computer] and select a file, e.g. a *txt document saved in MEDLINE-format from PubMed
    • Control the Import format that RefWorks now suggests (for *.txt MEDLINE files from PubMed, the Import format should be NLM PubMed)
    • Click [Import]


Method (D): Use 'Add > Upload document'


Use this method ONLY for sources

that you already have downloaded onto your computer

  • Open your RefWorks database
  • Click (+) and hit [Upload document];
  • Wait until the reference is added;
  • View the result.


The result strongly depends of the type and format of the of source!

  • Journal articles:  RefWorks usually makes this a correct and complete reference
  • Reports, Directives, Prescriptions, Proceedings: RefWorks often cannot make a complete reference of those


Method (E): Use 'Save-to-RefWorks'

Use this method ONLY for



 'normal' scientific publications that you can NOT FIND in any scientific SEARCH SYSTEM


One-time installation of the bookmark 'Save-to-RefWorks'

  • Open your RefWroks databse

  • Click  on the [Tools/More]  symbol;

  • Click once more on [Tools];
  • Browse to the tool 'Save to RefWorks' and click on [Install Save tot RefWorks];
  • Drag the tool-button to the you favorites/bookmarks bar in your browser.


Collection: proceed while you have the source that you want to collect on your screen

  • Click on the bookmark;
  • ... the data is 'translated' by RefWorks;
  • Check the suggested reference
    • add missing data
    • correct wrong data (or data that are in the corresponding field);
  • Click [Save to RefWorks] again at the bottom right.  


The result strongly depends of the type and format of the of source!

  • Html-pages; Text-pdf's:  RefWorks usually makes this correct and complete references
  • Photo-pdf's; Websites: In most cases, RefWorks will suggest references that are not yet complete, and/or where some data are in the incorrect field


Proceed with STEP-4 of Quick Start