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ME2V15005 Intermedialiteit: Module 4: Using the ‘snowball method’

LibGuide for the course Intermedialiteit (ME2V15005)

4.1 Using the ‘cited by’ approach


Read more about the ‘cited by’ method in ‘2. Search for literature’ and follow the link to Google Scholar for more instructions.


What is the value and relevance of checking citations of publications you already found?

To do

Go to Google Scholar to find out what are the 3 most cited publications from your list of hits. Add a note to each result in which you note down how many citations you found for this source. If  the result already had a note attached, add it to the existing note.


Can you think of a reason why these are the 3 most cited publications?

To  do

Check the ‘cited by’ results for these 3 publications. Do they lead you to publications that are not yet in your list in Zotero? Import these publications in Zotero.


4.2 Using the ‘works cited’ approach


Go to ‘2. Search for literature’ to find out more about the ‘works cited’ approach.

NOTE Divide tasks. Half of the group works on assignment 4.2.1, the other half on 4.2.2. If one group finishes earlier than the other, you go and help the other group.


4.2.1 To do

Go to at least two different databases to find out what the authors of  your 3 most cited publications have published more.

Are any of these other publications relevant for answering your question? In case they are, import them in Zotero.


4.2.2 To do

Check the bibliography of your 3 most cited publications to see if it contains relevant publications for your list. If it does, try to locate these publications in one of the available databases and import the results in Zotero. Only include publications that are older than 2007 if you can motivate why they are relevant for your list.

NOTE If you can’t access the bibliography of your publications online, check if the publication is available in the library. If it is, go to the library to get hold of it (depending on the location of your working group either during class or afterwards).

Learning goal week 4

Learning how to use the ‘snowball method’  to search for more literature

Using the ‘snowball method’ two approaches are possible: the ‘cited by’ approach and the ‘works cited’ approach.