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Training finding and handling scholarly information for GEO4-2519: 4D. newspaper articles

consultancy project


Time estimate: 10 minutes

  1. Have a look at the information on the right.
  2. Search for two or three newspaper articles using LexisNexis Academic. Especially try to find if there are other companies/organisations struggling with the same problem as the one you are working on.
  3. Take a minute to try out Google News but note that for most sources it just searches the last month

LexisNexis Academic: 15,000 newspapers, all countries, 1992-this morning

LexisNexis Academic

LexisNexis Academic is an enormous database containing the full text of articles from almost 15,000 newspapers from all all over the world, from approximately 1992 up to this morning's newspaper. Almost all well-known newspapers are included. It is often text only, but for an increasing share of articles there is also an image available, including graphics and photographs.You won't find personal announcements, advertisements etc. 

You can search for separate articles on a subject. Virtual browsing through a newspaper of a certain day is not that easy.

LexisNexis Academic is much more complete in covering newspaper articles than for instance Google News. It also dates back further. It is an excellent database if you are looking for (old) news and background articles which were published over the years. Most Dutch regional newspapers are also included.

LexisNexis Academic has very advanced search options such as looking for the minimal length of articles. These options are different than you are used to in other databases. LexisNexis Academic supports export of title data etc. to RefWorks.

In the special LexisNexis Academic LibGuide UBU LibGuide LexisNexis Academic you will find more information about this unique database.