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Training Economics: 8. LexisNexis: Newspapers

LexisNexis: Newspapers

With this exercise you can become familiar with this database. After that you can search the database with your own subject.

Go to LexisNexis: Newspapers
Library website >  Search engines > quickly go to: LexisNexis (newspapers)

Your search
For a quick search: use “Easy Search” and the box “Search the News”
Search for: “corporate governance” AND bank! AND bonus!
By Source Type: Newspapers
Click on “Go”

For a more specific search: use “Power Search
Search terms: “corporate governance” AND bank! AND bonus!
Specify Date: Previous 2 years
Add Index Terms:
-    Geography > Europe > select “EUROPEAN UNION MEMBER STATES” > click “OK – Add to search”
-    Industry > select “BANKING & FINANCE” > click “OK – Add to search”
Select Source: By Name > type: financial times > select: “Financial Times”
Click on “Search”

Displaying results
Select the icon Expanded View
Take a look at some articles (click on the title).
Notice the used keywords at the end of an article (not shown in the preview)

Narrow your results with the options in the left hand menu. Click on “Subject”  >  click on "Company Activities & Management" > Executives > “Executive Remuneration”.

Saving results
Select one or several articles by checking the relevant box or boxes.
Notice the 'Delivery options' (print, email, download)  listed at the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Import a reference into your Refworks database: click on a title, click on icon  (“Export Bibliographic References”), select 'document range' and 'export type' and click “Export”.

When you are asked: "Which version of RefWorks would you like to export to?" select New Refworks (blue icon).

In RefWorks: view Last Imported Folder, check the data, edit if necessary, add the reference to a folder.