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Training Economics: 7. Scopus


With this exercise you can become familiar with this database. After that you can search the database with your own subject.

Go to Scopus: UU Library website > Search engines > Quickly go to: Scopus
Skip the small screen "Welcome to

Scopus only mentions scientific articles from journals: this means that editorials, book reviews, letters to the editor etc. are not included. All journals are peer reviewed.  In Scopus you will not find articles, only references to articles.

Suppose you came across this reference":
Guiso, L., Sapienza, P., and Zingales, L. (2004), The role of social capital in financial development, American Economic Review, 94, pp. 526-556.

You would like to find citations to this article.

Your search
On the tab “Document search” search for: “social capital”
Change “Article Title, Abstract, Keywords” into “Article Title”
Add a search field and fill in: Guiso    in: Authors”
Click on Search

Results: 2 articles
Click on the title of the correct article.

When you get too many results, refine them (see menu left hand side), for instance by subject area.

Use the references (22) with the article to find older literature on this topic.
Use the Scopus citations (cited by 640 documents) with the article for finding more recent literature.

Go back to the Result List and click on 'View cited by'
Now you can refine the citations in several ways.


Possible follow-ups
Find more articles from the author
Use Scopus to search by topic for references in Scopus or on the Web.

Learn more about Scopus? See . LibGuide LibGuide Scopus (in English) ; LibGuide LibGuide Scopus (in Dutch)

Optional: Saving your results
Select interesting references and/or citations (check the relevant boxes). Direct export to RefWorks is possible.
When you are asked: "Which version of RefWorks would you like to export to?" select New Refworks (blue icon).