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Training Economics: 4. Electronic journals UU

Electronic Journals Utrecht University

With this exercise you can become familiar with this database. After that you can search the database with your own subject.

Suppose you come across the literature reference below and you wish to view the publication straight away, in full-text electronic form:

Haxhi, I., and Van Ees, H. (2010), Explaining diversity in the worldwide diffusion of codes of good governance, Journal of International Business Studies 41, 710-726.


A.   What type of publication is this and where would you look for it?
      (you will find the answer below)


B.   Find the journal in the Electronic Journals 'By title'

  • Go to "Find e-Journals" (Library website > search engines scroll down to Electronic journals)
  • fill in the title of the journal
  • click on GO
  • click on the title of the journal
  • notice the holdings at “Jstor” and “Springer Palgrave Macmillan Journals”
  • click on “Springer Palgrave Macmillan Journals”
  • browse to the article: on tab “volumes” scroll down > volume 41 > May 2010 issue 4  > scroll down to the article > click on the title.


C. Optional:
  Import the reference into RefWorks. To do so, click in the following order:
 click on “Cite article” > click on RefWorks. The reference is downloaded as a .ris file

Within Refworks:

  • click on  Add > import references > 
  • At Import from file > select the file you just downloaded
  • at Import complete: OK
  • click on the title and check data. Edit if necessary. To do so, click the Edit icon, modify the information and click Save.
  • Import into Folder: tick the box and click on the icon Assign to Folder > select the folder in which you want to put the reference




A. journal article, Google Scholar with UBU-link (via Library website!) or Electronic Journals UU